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SOWTC's 1st Pictures (Team Cincy - June 2001)

Team Cincy's 1st Picture (June 2001)

Steve Coll - #1 Junior in the U.S.A. !!!!

Steve Dalrymple - Dominating Quad A - On the Move to Quad Open

Coach Flash backs up Dalrymple!!!

Doubles Team to be Reckoned With!!!!

Chris Olbert - 1st Year - Quad A

Jim Rackett looks for a winner!!!!!

Christina Ward - Expert Rower...1st Time Tennis Player!!!!

Emmy Kaiser - Gettind ready to rip a forehand!!!!!

Photo: Steve Coll - In the news at 15 Years old!!!!!

Nicole Peters prepares for her forehand!!!!

Ryan Lloyd - The Reds could use his swing!!!!!

Team Cincy and The Cincinnati Recreation Commissioners!!!!





Special Thanks to Bill Greene and Tennis Tutor for our great new ball machine!!!!

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